A new look for Giordano Holding

Under the control of the family of the same name, Giordano Holding has long represented a group of companies operating in different sectors, united by the common thread of a raw material with endless processing possibilities: plastic. The goal of maximising their abilities and harnessing the available technique as best as possible has allowed the … Leggi tutto

Giordano Poultry Plast obtained ISO 9001:2015 for the totality of its production activities

ISO 9001:2015 is the latest, globally recognised version of quality certification. It represents the most appropriate tool to accompany companies and organisations along an ongoing path of improved processes. That is done by identifying operational methods capable of ensuring consistency in the features of their own products, which must meet and exceed the minimum legal … Leggi tutto

Giordano Poultry Plast celebrates 60th anniversary

After successfully crossing last year the threshold of 60 years of work and devotion to the different sectors we are engaged in, from now onwards we want to progressively lend growing visibility to the whole form and organization of the activities of our family, in order also to identify synergies and convergences to make us … Leggi tutto

Giordano Holding S.r.l.
Via Bernezzo 49 - Caraglio 12023
PEC: leo.srl.pi@legalmail.it
Numero REA CN - 173818
Codice Fiscale e Iscrizione Reg. Imprese di Cuneo: 02574160046
Capitale Sociale 46.480,00 Euro i.v.