Giordano Holding

Under the control of the family carrying the same name, Giordano Holding brings together a group of companies operating in different yet complementary sectors of industrial production, ranging from animal husbandry to retail, all of them having grown and developed around the first production hub and headquarters of Caraglio, in Italy.

The concept of excellence has always lied at the root of the holding company’s activity and vision.
The aim of constantly improving to the best of their abilities and available technique has allowed the group companies to acquire an image and credibility that currently represent their true assets, thanks to the systematic attention to quality, thorough planning and ongoing search for innovation, while always paying close regard to environmental and social issues.


The use of plastic has marked a fundamental stage for countless industrial sectors and for the progress of humanity as a whole. It must be used responsibly, though, by resorting to the concepts of circular economy for the sake of a low environmental impact, alongside a constant search for innovation and workplace health protection.

Structure of Giordano Holding

In each of these operational sectors, Giordano Holding intends to offer an adequate response both to the need for a solid market presence and to that for an appropriate geographical location of production branches, to be able to seize every opportunity, thereby confirming its own role as a global player.

Strategic minority stakes in some of the companies of the holding and by the latter in external entities, have lent force to the historical bond between the group and several partners of global significance in terms of size and sectoral leadership.

Giordano Holding S.r.l.
Via Bernezzo 49 - Caraglio 12023
Numero REA CN - 173818
Codice Fiscale e Iscrizione Reg. Imprese di Cuneo: 02574160046
Capitale Sociale 46.480,00 Euro i.v.