Structure of Giordano Holding

In each of these operational sectors, Giordano Holding intends to offer an adequate response both to the need for a solid market presence and to that for an appropriate geographical location of production branches, to be able to seize every opportunity, thereby confirming its own role as a global player. Strategic minority stakes in some of the companies of the holding and by the latter in external entities, have lent force to the historical bond between the group and several partners of global significance in terms of size and sectoral leadership.




Approach to industrial activity

The Giordano family has always understood its work commitment as a mission not only of an economic nature, but also, invariably, of a social and communal type as well. In other words, the distinction between personal interests and external context has never been perceived as a partition, rather as a continuation of the one into the other. A natural transition between the family concern and that of the local and global community, without ever parting with the sustainability of its industrial activity, paying due regard to the environment and workers’ safety. These are concepts underpinning the Code of Ethics, drawn up for the entire group.

Giordano Holding – Company profile

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