Development and environmental policy

Production activity revolves around the use of a raw material with a rich variety of facets: plastic.

Always the subject of heated debates on how to use it, it is in specific applications that this material is capable of expressing the best of its multiple potentials. All the products of the Group companies, in fact, are intended for long-term use, with no release into the environment. This elementary concept is synthetically defined at present as circular economy: recycling, use of energy from non-fuel fossils, ethics in the social sphere and positive repercussions for the territory.

Data Giordano holding

We could summarise the magnitude of activities performed in a few figures:

  • 9000 t of raw materials processed annually,
    corresponding to 1 truck daily
  • 450 trucks/containers of finished products loaded
  • 20 presses, with a capacity ranging from 120 to
    2800 t with robots
  • 400 references in production
  • The factory is certified as a plant powered by
    renewable sources

*The data refer to the year 2022 for the Caraglio – Italy headquarters

Some of the energy used is self-produced from renewable sources: for a total of 5.935.324 kWh.*

Of reduced CO2 emissions, by producing energy internally.

Of waste produced by the company that is then recycled ad reused.

Made in Italy suppliers that contribute to reducing environmental impact.

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