A new look for Giordano Holding

Under the control of the family of the same name, Giordano Holding has long represented a group of companies operating in different sectors, united by the common thread of a raw material with endless processing possibilities: plastic.

The goal of maximising their abilities and harnessing the available technique as best as possible has allowed the group companies to earn a reputation and credibility that currently represent their true asset, evolved thanks to the systematic care for quality, accurate planning and constant search for innovation, without every losing sight of the duty to prioritise environmental and social issues.

This attention to quality, constantly sought after by each group company, from animal husbandry to retail and energy, is eager to find an increasing echo in the image as well.

This is, indeed, why Giordano Holding’s communication changes its look from today.

A careful and accurate restyling of the monograph was carried out: a narrative of the group history and structure, which purports to describe the identity of the individual companies, communicate the underlying business values, and enhance Brand Reputation.
As a further image-enhancing move, it is now possible to visit online a new website, which in its simplicity and modernity encompasses the essence of the Holding, recounting its history and structure in full.

A new look for Giordano Holding, therefore, one that will increasingly accompany the work and image of each individual company, being a constant presence in the growth of the industrial reality it has always represented.

Giordano Holding S.r.l.
Via Bernezzo 49 - Caraglio 12023
PEC: leo.srl.pi@legalmail.it
Numero REA CN - 173818
Codice Fiscale e Iscrizione Reg. Imprese di Cuneo: 02574160046
Capitale Sociale 46.480,00 Euro i.v.