Plastimark is finally ready to celebrate 25 years

The company’s history began in 1995 with the aim of innovating and improving the tools that have always accompanied everyday shopping.

It was in 1997, though, that the first European shopping trolley made entirely of plastic was born.

The more observant will be wondering why Plastimark is only now celebrating its 25th anniversary, but the answer is easy.

In recent years, unfortunately, the possibility of travelling has been limited for reasons we are all aware of, and so our idea was to wait until 2023 to celebrate together with our partners, distributors and customers in a year that will have a series of dedicated events, the first of which will be in February with Euroshop, the number one trade fair for Retail.

All the results we are achieving are the outcome of a clear and precise Research & Development policy, aimed at optimising the solutions proposed, with an eye always turned to the future and to technology.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the preference given to us by our customers over the years.
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to our customers, business partners and employees for their excellent cooperation and trust. We look forward to a shared future with you!

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